Sunday, April 12, 2009

It'll give them character

I was talking to my grandfather Norris today. He is in his eighties and his garden still looks great every year!

I asked him if he had planted anything in his garden yet. Turns out he had already planted carrots, beets, and peas and they were starting to sprout. It is not yet mid April and we just had a week of light snow and freezing rainy days! I was curious and asked him how he had kept the plants warm through it all.

Norris looked at me and just said "Well, they have to look after themselves now. If they can't handle it then I'll replant new ones." Immediately the image of Norris out in the garden, as the temperatures start dropping, telling his young plants that the upcoming frost and snow will make them tougher and give them character!


  1. I am really glad that you wrote that down. You are a good writer and did a good job making it cute and funny in print too! xoxoxo