Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm wetting them every day now.

It's May 8th and I've planted almost everything I've planned on planting.
Frost be damned!

Arugula coming up. I like the double leaf configuration.

Danvers and Purple Haze carrots

Pumpkin plants I bought.

The garden loves the warmer weather we've had recently.

I'll post more pics soon!


  1. I'm loving your garden and your blog!! You need to come home teach us about your garden. And your rock wall looks awesome by the way!

  2. You read my post too soon!!!! I was in the middle of trying to put a collage of pictures on the post when my router crashed and we were left without internet for a couple of days. It's fixed now but I still can't figure out how to put multiple pictures on a post without putting them one after the other. Ladies.....I know you know how! Help a brother out.